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Project Details

Company: Texas Family Eyecare

Industry: Medical

My Role: Freelance UX/UI Designer

Link: Restricted Access

The Problem
They want new and existing customers to be able to fill out their patient paperwork online before their appointment so their staff doen't have to type in the information, which would save them time and money. However they use a third party program, Crystal Software, to store their patient information.

The Solution

Create a patient portal they can access using a secure login. Use iframes of Crystal Software forms. Revise Crystal Software online form html layout so the content is grouped in a logical and meaningful manner.

How I Reached My Solution

The Plan


I interviewed key stakeholders and staff regarding the current patient paperwork handling process and Crystal Software. I spoke to Crystal Software and researched online solutions to similar problems.


I discovered even though TFEC had Crystal Software in house and kept a copy of the database on their server, for HIPPA reasons, they had to use Crystal Software's online forms through iFrames.


So I had no choice, but to use Crystal Software iFrame for the online patient forms. I needed to style the form with CSS and JavaScript to ensure it had the same look and feel as TFEC's current website.

The Design Process

Mapping the Experience

I created a user flow starting after they made an appointment and were referred to the website to fill out the paperwork. I also mapped for returning patients visting the portal.

Creating the Design

I created a wireframe, which was approved by key stakeholders. Then I created two versions of hi-fidelity mock-up of the form.

Testing the Design

I quickly tested the portal with potential new customers I met in Starbucks inside of Target in the neigbhorhood using paper prototypes to keep the cost down and speed up the process.


Ease of Use

84% of the test subjects thought the form was easy to use.


It took test subject less than a minute to fill out the form.


96% of the test subjects preferred to fill out the form online.

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