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Project Details

Company: IDERA, Inc.

My Role: Director of UX and DesignDirector of UX and Design

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The Company
IDERA, Inc. creates applications for monitoring, managing and developing databases. Team Server is the web client of ER/Studio Data Modeling and Architecture application. It is designed for Data Governance.
The Problem
Team Sever had been acquired by another company. The UI and platform was out of date. Customers liked the concept of a data governance application, but they hated the UI, as a result, sales for Team Server plummeted.

The Solution

After several interviews with the team, I determined the UI had been designed for a Data Modeler by a Data Modeler. However, Data Modelers hardly ever use the application. They primarily use the Data Modeling Desktop Tool instead. From my user interviews and observational studies I discovered the primary persona was a Business Analysts and the secondary persona was a Data Stewart. I suggested to the Product Manager we needed to reorganizing the UI work flow and information architecture based on Business Analysts and Data Stewarts needs. Furthermore, the application content and labeling should be revised so it meets Data Governance Standards. The fixed 1280 x 600 layout needed to be responsive since the primary and secondary personas used the full applicaiton on multiple devices.

How I Reached My Solution

The Plan


I spoke to the product manager, lead architect and domain experts regarding Team Server and their users so I could create persumptive personas. I futher gathered demographic information from sales and marketing. I then used the information to recruit users for a combination of user interview and observational study. I interviewed 5 of each identified persona.


I identified Team Server's primary and secondary personas, Business Analyst and Data Stewards. Neither were technically savvy. I discovered the original application had been designed by a Data Modeler for his own personal use. However the application isn't being used by Data Modelers. They only use the application to upload data models and check them in/out.


Team Server UI and user experience needed to be redesigned for the non-technical primary and secondary personas workflow. The navigation system needed to be overhauled to fit the personas mental models. The technical jargon needed to be rewritten so the personas could understand basic instructions. Tooltips, toast and undo features needed to be added as well.

The Design Process

Mapping the Experience

I created a persona mental models and user journeys for each persona based from my observational studies. With the team we created together user scenarios and user flows for each personas to fix their pain points, missing or broken tasks in their user journey. From there I was able to map the site and define the navitgation through card sorting.

Creating the Design

I had a 45 minute design session with the team where we whiteboard ideas and rated them. From there I created hi-fi wireframes for the team to review. We narrowed down to one version. Then I converted it to high-fidelity clickable prototypes of each page to be tested with our users.

Testing the Design

I created the test script and conducted a usability study remotely using GoToMeeting of existing users who fit the primary and secondary persona criteria. I tested each of the users based on set tasks and measurements. I measured for Effectiveness (The accuracy and completeness with which users achieve specified goals), Efficiency (The resources expended in relation to the accuracy and completeness with which users achieve goals), and Satisfaction (The comfort and acceptability of use). I had the test subjects fill out a questionnaire after completing the test. I also followed up with sales after development to determine ROI.


Increase in Sales

Sales increased 70% after Team Server beta released.

Shorter Usage Time

Business Analysts took less time to update terms.

Ease of Use

864 out of a 1000 found Team Server easy to use.

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