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Project Details

Company: IDERA, Inc.

My Role: Senior UX Designer

Link: Must Purchase

The Company
IDERA, Inc. creates applications for monitoring, managing and developing databases. Team Server is the web client of ER/Studio Data Modeling and Architecture application. It is designed for Data Governance.
The Problem
Team Sever had been acquired by another company. The UI and platform was out of date. Customers like the concept of a data governance application, but they hated the UI, as a result, sales for Team Server plummeted.

The Solution

After several interviews and observational interviews, I determined the UI had been designed around Data Molders instead of the primary persona Business Analysts. I suggested reorganizing the UI work flow and information architecture based on Business Analysts needs. Update the labeling to Data Governance Standards.

How I Reached My Solution

The Plan


I spoke to the product manager, lead architect, domain experts and sales regarding Team Server. I performed observational interviews of customers.


I identified Team Server's primary and secondary personas. I discovered the original application had been designed by a Data Modeler for his own personal use.


Team Server user interface and user experience needed to be refocused on the non-technical primary and secondary personas workflow and language.

The Design Process

Mapping the Experience

I created a user flow diagram for each persona when using Team Server. From there I was able to map the site and new navigation.

Creating the Design

I created wireframes and presented them to stakeholders. Then I converted it to high-fidelity clickable prototypes of each page.

Testing the Design

I conducted a usability study of existing users. I tested to see if a user could find the information they needed and update it.


Increase in Sales

Sales increased 70% after Team Server beta released.

Shorter Usage Time

Business Analysts took less time to update terms.

Ease of Use

864 out of a 1000 found Team Server 17.1 easy to use.

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