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Project Details

Company: IDERA, Inc.

My Role: Director of UX and Design

Link: Beta Auugust 2020

The Product
SREnity was a home grown tool developed by an Architect at Idera for personal use. He shared his application with the CEO. He saw potential of the product since DevOps applications were becoming extremely popular. He purchased the application and planned to sell it under the DevOps business line.
The Problem
SREnity had been purchased in 2019 by an Idera Architect. The application was designed for his personal use working in DevOps. I was tasked to take the application and turn it into an Enterprise SaaS product. Furthermore I had to reskin the application user interface so it fit into the other Idera DevOp products.

The Solution

SREnity needed a major UX overhaul and UI refresh, however we needed to launch the product for beta testing in eight weeks. So I focused on fixing the top five identified critical user issues.
The top five critical issues I focused on improving was the application navigation, handling large data, allowing group interactions, improve data visualization and add messaging/alerts.
In addition to the user improvements, I rebranded the product styling using Materialize UI Framework so it fit into the DevOps business line. Then redesign to fit into Travis Insights after beta testing.

How I Reached My Solution

The Plan


In order to fully understand how to convert SREnity from a personal tool to an Enterprise application, I worked closely with the product manager and internal expert users to understand DevOp Managers needs and goals.


I gathered all my data I collected during my interviews and competitor research and organized them based on a DevOp Managers typical task flow while receiving notifications, adding plugins and creating tests scripts.


Working with the product team, which included the product manager, lead architect and the tool creator, we were able to sketch wireframes that defined the new updated user behaviors, interactions, and key tasks.

The Design Process


I gathered the product team together and based on my research we were able to brainstorm possible solutions using an online whiteboard to create rough wireframes.

Design & Prototype

I created the new product logo and a mood board for the new color scheme. I presented it to GM and Marketing. Once they approved the branding, I was able to create a high fidelity prototype using Sketch and InVision so I could test it with internal DevOp users.


I created a test script and reviewed it with the product manager to ensure I was testing everywhere we wanted to check and validate. I set benchmarks based on task completion using my observations as a base point. Tested the prototype with two groups of 5 users. Each round I made revisions until I met my benchmarks.


Create Tests

Users created tests under 30 seconds.

Install Plug-Ins

Users uploaded plug-in under 43 seconds.

Trial Setup

Trial setup took less than 5 minutes.

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