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Stage 1 Website Redesign
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Project Details

Company: CZ Publishing, LLC.

My Role: UX/UI Designer


The Company
I created an independent publishing company so I could sell my own books outside my freelance graphic and web design business, but over time I obtained silent partners after I decided to create an interactive mobile book application.
The Problem
They wanted to create and publish interactive books and apps at a reasonable price. They eventually want the site to be self-sufficient like Smashwords. However, we have a tight budget, restricted timeline and limited resources.

The Solution

First I suggested we first needed to determine user need of our service and if the business would be worthwhile.
Second redesign site and reposition ourselves as an independent publisher offering services for indie authors.
Third we should create the self-automated publishing portal for ebooks and apps using a drag-n-drop interface.

How I Reached My Solution

The Plan


I researched similar publishers offering the same solutions. Surprisingly there weren't a lot out there and there was mixed opinions about mobile books. Then I interviewed indie authors regarding possibly self-publishing mobile apps.


I gathered my research and affinity diagrammed the information. Even though there are several articles out there saying book apps aren't taking off, several authors wanted to sell a mobile book, but didn't have the money to do it.


I determined authors wanted to self-publish a mobile book. However, based on the skepticism over mobile book apps, I thought best to test the service before allocating too much time into developing a self-automated website.

The Design Process

Mapping the Experience

I created a task flow for 3 persona's I had identified (customer, author and media) and determined the journey and required information they needed to provide to perform specific tasks. I also created a sitemap and navigation menu.

Creating the Design

I used Balsamiq to quickly create wireframes of the website. Then I had used the click features to convert it to a low-fidelity prototype. From there I determined the UI color scheme, typography and forms.

Testing the Design

Due to the limited budget and time constraints, I tested the prototype gorilla style. I went to an author meeting and asked them to test the low fidelity prototype.


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