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Project Details

Company: CZ Publishing, LLC

My Role: UX/UI Designer


The Company
I created the website as a hobby where I offered free templates, but it grew into an e-Commerce website where I sold templates for a nominal price.
The Problem
Since the change there had been a decrease in site traffic. I also received several complaints regarding requiring registration for free templates.

The Solution

I needed to change my host and shopping cart software to avoid further technical issues. A user should be able to download a free template without having to use the shopping cart or registering on the site. Lastly, template search needed to be added to the site.

How I Reached My Solution

The Plan


I performed a heuristic analysis, pulled the past two years website analytics and interviewed some existing and potential customers about the site.


I reviewed over my research, spoke to the webhost and affinity diagrammed the information to determine possible solutions to customer issues.


Reduction of website activity was the result of the site being down 39% of the time. Other site issues were due to WordPress and required registration.

The Design Process

Mapping the Experience

I created user journeys of new customers from different starting points to visualize and better understand the steps they would take using the website, including free downloads.

Creating the Design

I created wireframes of the index page, search results page, product page and free button click process pages. Once those pages were approved, I created HTML prototypes using OpenCart.

Testing the Design

I didn't have a budget for testing, so I performed A/B tests. However, I first compiled statistics from moving the site to a new host and OpenCart before implementing other changes.


Increase in Unique Visitors

Unique visitors jumped 95% after switching hosts and moving to OpenCart.

Increase in Downloads

Free template downloads increased 96% since removing required registration.

Increase in Sales

Sales of templates for sale more than doubled after the site overhaul.

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